The Digital Age

The first thing I did after the truck showed up was crawl all over it and under it. Second, I started to photograph every inch of the truck. When I bought my WWII jeep back in 1998, I was 18 years old and digital cameras were very expensive (at least out of my budget at that time.) Also I didn't realize there was so much difference between a 1942 MB and a 1945 MB. Little did I know I should have documented my jeep before tearing it down. Also, I didn't think it would take me 20 years to finish it. So many little details were lost and so I learned my lesson when I bought the truck. Being that it was fairly complete with a lot of little details, I wanted to document it all before I even started to tear into it. That way, years from now when I finally get to put it all back together, I will have the photographic information to help guide me. Also, I hope to help future truck restorations with all the photographs I have. Eventually they will end up somewhere on our site for all to see.

I was amazed at all the stuff that was still present but also amazed at what wasn't. So far, not many major components are missing. But I'm still learning.

Original tail lights, spare tire carrier, cab components, all the gauges, the Chevrolet marked side panels, the list goes on. Also the original wiring harness is there (though in poor shape) down to these weird shape sheet metal pieces behind the tail lamps (one there, one missing.)

enter image description here

One of the things I was really happy to see the truck have was all the troop seat components. They have all the original wood and for its age is in good shape! They even still fold down!

enter image description here

enter image description here

I find each time I go out to the truck, I find something else to photograph. I think 75% of the photos on my phone are of this truck. I was so eager to tear into the truck but I knew that was not the best route at this times. I needed to learn more about it. Its not a jeep (something I'm comfortable with) so I needed to find as much information as I could. Manuals are great but not always the best. I turned to the internet and Facebook and sadly, there is not a lot of information readily available. Sadly, the bigger trucks are not as popular as jeeps. Luckily I have a few friends I can turn to and are probably already sick of hearing from me, but they have been a great wealth of knowledge.

When I bought the truck, I knew there was at least one possible major problem. Not know what exactly the issue was, to save time and any possible future issues, the rear axles were pulled so that the truck would roll to load it. My first task was to find out what was wrong. Was it a bad rear axle? Froze motor, transmission or transfer case? Not knowing any previous history, it could have been anything....